Galactic Civil War

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New Republic forces clash with an Imperial AT-ST and Stormtroopers.
A holomap of planetary control across the galaxy.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Civil War is an ongoing conflict between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. Player combatants on the server meet every six days in battle to contest ownership of planets across the galaxy. Each week the two factions alternate between attacking and defending. Once all contested planets are captured by a faction the planetary map is reset and a new GCW season begins.

Participation in the GCW is rewarded with War Fame which can be used at your faction's Quartermaster to purchase unique items.

Planetary Control Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Each contested planet, but not the moons of Rori and Talus, confer galactic bonuses to every character in the controlling faction. Below is table detailing the planets, their specific bonuses, and the faction rank groupings from which these bonuses are bestowed. The bonuses are cumulative meaning, if you're a member of the controlling faction, one will have the bonuses of one's current rank group and all rank groups preceding it.

Planetary Control Bonuses
Planet Rank Combat Bonus Crafting Bonus
Corellia Soldier Pistol Aiming +10 Weaponsmith Assembly +5
Veteran Pistol Accuracy +10 Weaponsmith Assembly +10
Officer Pistol Accuracy +15 Weaponsmith Assembly +10
High Command Pistol Accuracy While Moving +15 Weaponsmith Assembly +5
Dantooine Soldier Unarmed Accuracy +10 Armorsmith Assembly +5
Veteran Unarmed Accuracy +15 Armorsmith Assembly +10
Officer Unarmed Damage +10 Armorsmith Assembly +10
High Command Unarmed Damage +15 Armorsmith Assembly +5
Dathomir Soldier Polearm Accuracy +10 DE Assembly +5
Veteran Polearm Accuracy +15 DE Assembly +10
Officer Polearm Damage +10 DE Assembly +10
High Command Polearm Damage +15 DE Assembly +5
Endor Soldier Rifle Aiming +10 BE Assembly +5
Veteran Rifle Accuracy +10 BE Assembly +10
Officer Rifle Accuracy +15 BE Assembly +10
High Command Rifle Accruacy While Moving +15 BE Assembly +5
Naboo Soldier 1-H Melee Accuracy +10 Artisan Assembly +5
Veteran 1-H Melee Accuracy +15 Artisan Assembly +10
Officer 1-H Melee Damage +10 Artisan Assembly +10
High Command 1-H Melee Damage +15 Artisan Assembly +5
Rori Soldier N/A N/A
Veteran N/A N/A
Officer N/A N/A
High Command N/A N/A
Talus Soldier N/A N/A
Veteran N/A N/A
Officer N/A N/A
High Command N/A N/A
Tanaab Soldier 2-H Melee Accuracy +10 Chef Assembly +5
Veteran 2-H Melee Accuracy +15 Chef Assembly +10
Officer 2-H Melee Damage +10 Chef Assembly +10
High Command 2-H Melee Damage +15 Chef Assembly +5
Yavin IV Soldier Carbine Aiming +10 Harvesting +10
Veteran Carbine Accuracy +10 Harvesting +10
Officer Carbine Accuracy +15 Trapping +10
High Command Carbine Accuracy While Moving +15 Trapping +10

Faction Ranks[edit | edit source]

Faction Ranks
Soldier Veteran Officer High Command
Recruit Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant Not Yet Implemented
Private Staff Sergeant Lieutenant
Lance Corporal Master Sergeant Captain
Corporal Warrant Officer I Major
Staff Corporal Warrant Officer II Lieutenant Colonel

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